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Project Management
Business Process Engineering
Technology Strategy & Solutions
Business Strategy and Planning
Workforce Planning
Communication and Change Management
Smahrt Advisor
Supplier Diversity Programs

Project Management

A disciplined approach to project management is the difference between a successful project
and a failed project. 

Smahrt Solutions consultants have proven expertise to plan, lead, and manage work efforts that yield the results for high performing organizations. Smahrt has developed a proprietary methodology and approach to managing projects. Our project management approach is tailored to fit your business strategy, company culture, and overall project objectives. Our clients appreciate our transparency and quality assurance approach. Our dashboards and easy to read status reports enable them to stay engaged along the way.

Our project management experience includes large-scale technology projects, business transformation and process design, start-up ventures, mergers and acquisitions, and other special projects.  We also provide project management training, project readiness assessments, and independent project validation and verification consulting.

Business Process Engineering

Smahrt’s approach to business process engineering is to translate your strategy into execution. We deploy a holistic approach to process engineering. We identify and work with all stakeholders to ensure the requirements necessary to complete their business function have been included, as well as identifying the right resources necessary to enable the process. We then drive this to execution—aligning technologies, mobilizing people through change management, and making rapid adjustments to both.

Smahrt’s unique combination of expertise, methodology, and tools quickly generate value, deliver measurable results, and create solid solutions that will execute your strategy and obtain the results you desire.

Call us today to find out how we can partner with you to develop and implement solid business processes that will yield the results you need to achieve excellence!

Technology Strategy & Solutions

Smahrt's strategic technology consultants help organizations optimize investments, transform capabilities, and achieve greater business value from technology and internet solutions. Studies prove that high-performance businesses view IT as a strategic asset—a source of both operational excellence and competitive advantage. Smahrt’s strategic IT consultants help top management adopt that mindset and achieve greater business value from IT. IT is a critical component of highly profitable organizations. Our professionals are experienced and possess bold, innovative approaches to IT. These approaches help high-performance businesses to "think bigger" about technology's ability to improve operating results.

Enterprise Systems Implementation

Smahrt’s enterprise systems integration Consulting helps clients solve business challenges and create opportunities to drive high profits. Our experience, skilled personnel, and innovative approach make us a provider of choice to implement modern enterprise software and technology.

Smahrt streamlines and integrates business processes and IT systems across the enterprise to support various
business processes, including: Payroll, Human Capital Management, Benefits Administration, Talent Acquisition
and Financial Management.

Smahrt’s Implementation and Integration services include the following:

  • Technology Assessment
  • Project Management
  • Project Management Training and Coaching
  • Project Resourcing and Management
  • Business Requirements Gathering
  • Business Process Analysis and Design
  • Application Testing and Validation
  • Post-Production Support

It Strategy & Assessment

Smahrt combines an understanding of the strategic focus of your organization with the technology implications of the strategy. Utilizing a proven, inclusive decision framework to deliver an integrated plan, Smahrt’s professionals work with you to ensure you are employing the right technology to support successful execution of your goals. Our approach allows alignment to be accomplished in a rapid and sustainable manner.

Best of all, Smahrt offers technology project management services that turn aspirations into reality. Our consultants bring a diverse background of operating experience and consultative skills so that they can work within the culture and leadership styles of diverse organizations.

Business Strategy and Planning

Be smart about your business…Plan…Execute…Succeed!

Having a solid yet scalable, strategic plan is essential to keeping your company on-course, in sight of objectives, and prepared for critical opportunities.  Smahrt can assess your situation and develop a blue print documenting the strategic plan and creating a dashboard that helps you make solid decisions. Smahrt's business consultants possess the operational and subject matter expertise to help you align your workforce, technology, and processes with your business strategy. 

Our services include:

  • Business Case Development
  • Project Planning
  • Turnaround/Stabilization Planning
  • Mergers and Acquisitions

Workforce Planning

Smahrt Solutions have proven experience in strategically aligning people with our client’s business goals. Smahrt develops and facilitates a systematic, results-oriented approach to strategic, workforce planning that results in the alignment of the mission, vision and priorities of the organization with the human resources and staffing requirements, core competencies, recruitment and retention challenges, diversity, and succession plans.

Smahrt helps organizations increase performance by ensuring our clients have the right people with the right skills in the right roles. We develop human resource strategies that support our client’s overall business and financial goals. The Smahrt approach helps ensure that all levels of the organization work together to create an innovative, talent-powered workforce, which ultimately achieves higher performance and greater profits.

Communication and Change Management

The lack of acceptance and adoption of a new technology or way of conducting business can frequently slow down or even stop a project dead in its tracks. We help organizations communicate and manage change across the organization.

The "people" side of change is critical to the success of the organization and ultimately the ongoing operations of the organization. New technologies or processes typically change the way people do their work. Smahrt’s Change Management approach includes the following:

  • Manage the people side of change, not just the business side
  • Develop a change management strategy
  • Create a communication plan
  • Manage resistance to change


Smahrt offers training solutions to help our clients understand the new or modified business processes that result from process transformations. Our approach is to provide clients with customized, process-oriented training. Our training consultants tailor the training to the organization and the day-to-day operations for users of the new solutions.

We offer training in the following areas: 

  • Software Training
  • Customer Service Training
  • Project Management Training
  • New Process Training
  • Custom Training Solutions

Are you implementing a new software or business process? Call us today to get your organization ready
for the new change!


At Smahrt, we focus on reducing overhead cost while delivering best in class solutions. We assist our clients in finding the right people to support their business strategy. Our staffing strategy is customized to suit the needs of each client. Whether it is staffing a project, an entire department, or a single position, we will partner with you to determine the appropriate skills required to successfully achieve your goals. We will then search for and find the right candidate to fill the position.

We offer several channels to provide staff for your organization.

Project Staffing - Managing and working on complex, high-stakes projects with critical deadlines and tight resources requires experienced project management professionals. Our business model allows us to align and approach each project in accordance with our clients’ requirements. Finding highly skilled and trained resources to complete a specific task for a specified time period, can be difficult. Smahrt provides organizations with a turnkey staffing solution for special projects. Whether you outsource the task to us, or we simply find the resources, we can provide the resources you need to get your project completed on time and within budget.

Contigent/Temporary Hire – Utilizing hourly contingent workers can be a quick and cost-effective alternative to hiring direct hires. Our team of experienced industry professionals will recruit, screen and administratively manage these employees throughout the duration of their assignment with your organization. By partnering with Smahrt, you gain access to top-notch resources ready to make an immediate impact on your organization, while maintaining the flexibility required to respond to fluctuating market conditions.

Contract to Hire - Whether you need additional time to fully observe and screen a candidate before hiring them on a direct basis or simply want to convert a high-performing contingent worker to a full-time employee, Smahrt’s contract-to-hire staffing services can help. Combining the flexibility of pure contingent staffing with direct placement, this service allows our clients to hire qualified contingent workers on a direct basis at any time during their assignment.

Direct Hire - Each day, small and large companies lose thousands of dollars as they underestimate the costs of employee recruitment and employee turnover – not to mention the time consumed in the process. Direct hire decisions are too important to be taken lightly in today's competitive business environment.

By precisely matching each candidate’s skills and career goals with your unique needs and culture, Smahrt delivers a responsive, cost-effective method for the acquisition of direct hire employees.

Smahrt Advisor

“We can handle it…the smart way!”

Our Smahrt Advisor™ solution provides small businesses with access to HR expertise, normally found only in a
fully staffed HR department. With Smahrt Advisor™ you gain access to on-demand HR decision-making support by receiving accurate, specific answers and information immediately. We provide tailored operational support that
meets all your HR requirements.

Smahrt Advisor™ is a subscription-based solution tailored to your specific HR needs. We assign an experienced Smahrt Advisor consultant to each client. Our goal is to keep you in compliance and on track to meet your objectives. Providing support to managers in resolving day-to-day HR issues, our Smahrt Advisors stay up-to-date on the most recent developments, legislation, and trends in human resources and related areas.

Smahrt Advisor™ provides administrative relief to your management team. Our Smahrt Advisors administer disciplinary actions, FMLA compliance, worker's compensation claims, and employee benefits. We will also answer regulatory compliance questions. Based on your needs and circumstances, we create customized documents, forms, policies, agreements, announcements, and organization charts to help you deliver compliant HR services and practices.

In addition to answering your questions and consulting with you and your management team, Smahrt Advisors also draft supporting correspondence, at your request. Letters and forms are usually necessary for documentation purposes, and companies typically rely on a fully staffed HR department to provide this level of service. As a retained Smahrt client, you receive this service at no additional charge.

Smahrt Advisor™ leverages years of HR experience and expertise to help you deliver great results.

Call us today for your turnkey solutions for HR Services! We got you covered!

Supplier Diversity Programs

“Our mission is to create programs that will improve the health and sustainability of the Minority and Women-owned businesses enterprises and economically strengthen our community.”

Programs Management

Our team dynamics is a clear reflection of how a diverse team of professionals can bring success to an organization. We pride ourselves on our capability to create custom programs that focus directly on your business goals and commitment to diversity. We do not believe you can take “a one size fits all” approach to developing and implementing an effective supplier diversity program. As a Smahrt client you will benefit from a custom designed program based on factual data that addresses both ends of the spectrum – Supply and Demand. Our mission is to create programs that will improve the health and sustainability of the Minority and Women-owned businesses enterprises and economically strengthen our community. We are firmly convinced our program will create the best opportunity for MWBE’s to maximize their participation in the SWA HIT project and successfully achieve your benchmarks.

Technical Assistance & Training

Through our M/WBE programs, we develop successful tools, proven capacity building programs and strong compliance procedures. We offer a curriculum of courses strategically designed to aid small businesses in meeting or exceeding contract performance standards and ultimately improve their overall business capabilities. Smahrt has developed proprietary matchmaking solutions that will streamline the match making process and reduce the risks of failure within teaming agreements, partnerships, joint ventures and mergers and acquisitions. Smahrt offers modern innovative ways to ensure our MWBE’s are ready, willing and able to participate and perform. Our program is unique and results oriented.

Community Outreach

We develop effective outreach programs to engage community stakeholders to disseminate key information that will bring awareness, education and assistance thereby maximizing the opportunities for MWBE’s and HUB’s. Smahrt plans and coordinates all facets of public meetings, from facility selection to creation of marketing and public relations collateral. In addition, we provide language translation and marketing materials to enable us to communicate effectively with targeted audiences. The baseline for our community outreach program is our independent assessment as well as state and local disparity study results.